"A Parede Cor-de-Rosa" (the Pink wall) is an installation based on a final conversation that the artist had with her mother who suffered from Alzheimer. In this conversation her mother saw a pink wall behind which she could eventually hide.

From found stones the artist makes plaster moulds that are then filled with pink coloured porcelain in a variety of tones. When stacking the stones on top of each other, the artist does not use glue or cement, but pieces of fabric that, delicately folded, are placed as mortar between the stones. They are substances that her mother saved, often just leftovers, but carefully stored in plastic bags, as in an archive. The wooden structure is a reference to the 'gaiolas' used in construction centuries ago and still to be found in old buildings and palaces all over Portugal.

presented at:

Casa d'Avenida in Setubal (P)

An installation with pink coloured porcelain stones, wooden structure, textile and scissors - dimensions variable - 2021