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"A Parede Cor-de-Rosa" (the Pink wall) is an installation based on a final conversation that the artist had with her demented mother. In this conversation her mother saw a pink wall behind which she could eventually hide, but which would make future communication quiet difficult, but not impossible. Back in Lisbon, where Lagast currently lives and works, she notices one pink wall after the other around her in the city. That’s the start of the Pink Wall project. On her walks through the city, the artist photographs these walls in a wide spectrum of shades of rose. Every day she mixes a different pink with which she fills a complete book. These actions form the basis for her ceramic installation, which she continues to build on: a wall of pink porcelain stones in all shapes and sizes. From found stones she makes plaster moulds that are filled with colour porcelain. The porcelain was coloured with pigments and subsequently fired at high temperature. When stacking the stones on top of each other, the artist does not use glue or cement, but pieces of fabric that, delicately folded, are placed as mortar between the stones. They are substances that her mother saved. Almost every fabric was used in an item of clothing. They are often just leftovers from the piece of cloth, but were carefully stored in plastic bags, as in an archive. Currently, the wall is only a meter wide, but the intention is to obtain a wall that is 1.5 meters high and a good 2 to 3 meters wide, placed diagonally in the room. A pink wall behind which one could hide, but with some holes here and there such that communication is still possible

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A project about a pink wall in the form of a book, photos and an installation with porcelain and textile - dimensions variable - 2019 up to now