instalation pavement ceramics sculpture

Pavement #1 is a full-size reproduction of an everyday sidewalk. The whole is, however, made of virgin white ceramic tiles, which gives a hyper clean and unreal effect to the sculpture that has been worked out so realistically. The choice of materials also eliminates the functionality of the pavement and elevates it to a purely aesthetic object: this pavement is not walked!

presented at:

De Markten in Brussel (B), Galerie In-Between in Antwerp (B), International Ceramic exhibition in Kortrijk (B), Galerie Tsjeljoeskin in Brasschaat (B), Hofke van Chantraine in Oud-Turnhout (B)

High fired ceramics with white terra sigilata, wooden underlayment, sandbags and theater spot. Dimension of the piece is variable and adaptable to the space. Maximum: 900 cm x 165 cm x 25 cm - 2008