glass rain puddle street stones

After a period of heavy rains, the artist becomes fascinated by the puddles she encounters on her many walks through the city of Lisbon. Their shape, the reflection of the sunlight, the things she sees beneath the surface, … . She regularly starts photographing these water puddles, but also wells in the street where a puddle could possibly form, and afterwards uses the printed photos to draw, outline, and study the shapes of the puddles.
The idea arises to transform these ephemeral shapes into glass objects; to materialise, which cannot be preserved as such in the nature found.
Silicone is used directly on the street after the contour of the puddle has been drawn.
These silicones are flexible casts of the volume that the rain left behind in an unevenness of a street, a square, a platform, ... . In these models, the structure of the paving stones is visible, but also all kinds of other objects such as butts, stones, a twig or a rusted screw, ... . At Beeldenstorm in Eindhoven, the artist makes plaster moulds on these models, in which the glass is later melted. Bulls Eye glass is chosen for its clear transparency and its beautiful reflections. To date, three large rain puddles have been converted into glass.

presented at:

Composte II in Herzele- Belgium

Glass objects - metal supports - 2021