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An ongoing project in which the artist investigates the surroundings of the places where she is staying. The project is a way to archive elements an details of the city that can be found on the streets and in places near her residency. She calls it 'taking fingerprints' of a place. Elements deliberately chosen for their apparent insignificance are cast in rubber moulds to make replicas in plaster, wax, porcelain and clay. The process might be considered as negative graffiti: instead of leaving behind a mark or sign that she was there, the artist takes a part of the street back home.

presented at:

(Woot) in Antwerp (B), Electron in Breda (NL), TAC in Eindhoven (NL), Willem I-Fabriek in Den Bosch (NL), Stadsbibliotheek in Leuven (B)

Elements in porcelain, clay, wax and plaster - 2013