light-installation ceramic sculpture glow-in-the-dark

When entering the installation, the public notices a pedestal with a small, sculpted plant on it. Such a weed plant that normally grows between the street stones. A shadow is projected behind the sculpture: much larger than the shadow of the original. Here the artist plays a game with her visitors about what is real and what is imagination. When the shadow image disappears, all attention goes to the ceramic sculpture which stands in a spotlight. It only takes a short time until that light is turned out as well. The space is bathed in darkness and only the plant radiates an alienating bluish light and attracts all the attention. It seems as if it has life in it. But our wonder (or is it admiration?) only lasts a short 10 seconds until all the lights are turned back on and the play of light, shadow and darkness begins anew.

presented at:

'Error One #18 - Into the light' Zuiderpershuis in Antwerp (B)

Ceramic sculpture (32 cm x 9 cm x 14 cm) on wooden base: glazed earthenware with phosphorescent finishing glaze (glow in the dark). Overhead projector, mask, profile spot, timers run by computer - 2011