cobblestones porcelain pavement installation

Single stones, which I found on my walks through the city, were taken to the studio to be transformed into porcelain objects thus giving to the work a tangible character and outlook. Together they form a pure white and rather abstract street on which no traffic can drive, no passer-by can walk on.

On some I engraved a grid, others where marked with a pensil grid, delicately referring to the pattern formed by the stones on the streets. This installation adapts itself to the space in which it is presented and takes on various measures, forms and patterns.

presented at:

Belo Campo - Galeria Francisco Fino in Lisbon (P),  EspaçoAZ in Lisbon (P), Centro Cultural in Macedo de Cavaleiros (P), European Triennial of Ceramics and Glass in Mons (B)

180 reduced fired porcelain cobblestones variable and adaptable to the space each stone approximately: 11cm x 11cm x 11cm - 2017